bluemedia – Enhancing the Brand Engagement Experience

Physical brand activation and real-world marketing work together to empower business success. It’s what keeps them in the green and drives their achievement. It also brings excitement to an, otherwise, dull space. And if a brand can create an exciting experience for its fans and customers, that only boosts engagement and awareness. For that business, this engagement has deeper meaning and stronger staying power with a creative consulting company that duals as a great, trusted partner.

RJ Orr, Executive Vice President and Partner of bluemedia—a large-format printing company— are focused within the brand activation space, keying into event space and large events. At bluemedia, they oversee every aspect of a project, from consulting to printing, to custom fabrication and installation all with the power of reliable technology. As a team of passionate creatives, engineers, project-managers, and architects, what truly sets them apart, outside of practicing a multitude of professions, is that they are a trusted partner for their customers.

The Turn of Events

Before bluemedia became the successful, smooth-running, technology execution company it is today, it began in 1997, consulting and merchandising for charity golf tournaments. RJ said that “the evolution of our industry is that it’s just not one thing anymore. People want bigger and better. And so, that’s where we started to implement custom fabrication.” Adapting to the needs of clients and client customers has pushed bluemedia to continue to expand and innovate further into the technology industry. And, in addition to their capabilities, they’ve expanded their physical footprint as well with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona area, and branches in California, Florida, and Indiana.

What started as a few good friends installing large format graphics and vehicle wraps, has grown into one of North America’s top event signage and experiential companies. They have the confidence—within their talented team of 150 employees—that they could complete any size project, anywhere in the world. Bluemedia’s mission is based on perfection—a high standard that helps amplify their partners’ success. By the extra mile and pushing technological boundaries to their limits, bluemedia has harnessed the power of turning simple event spaces into impactful experiential activations, ultimately bringing their clients’ visions to life.

Scaling the Wall

But, even as RJ and bluemedia, strive to push past the limits and revolutionize the live event experience,

they were still faced with a series of challenges. One particular project, during COVID-19, called for answering the question of what they were going to do with 30,000 empty seats on camera at NFL stadiums. And with the idea of fan cutouts generating a lot of momentum, they got to work building microsites to capture all the images of the fans. The quick-turnaround project highlighted aspects of technology that needed their consideration.

Specializing in custom fabrication, every project is different—ranging from fence wraps, building banners, virtual reality projections, sculptures, and much more. So bluemedia has to be adaptable and versatile, along with the devices and software that they use. Also, often enough, their projects turn into active construction sites with laptops being used on-site. RJ points out that “there’s a lot of situations where our technology and equipment is at risk”—calling out the importance of having durable hardware and technological safety measures. bluemedia, in order to keep focus on bringing life and excitement to event space, knows that there is one tech company that can encompass all of their tech needs.

The Perfect Partner

A tech partner that matches bluemedia’s standard for perfection seemed like a steep ask out of a single company. But, with a shared passion for innovation, Lenovo brings forward tech solutions encompassing enough to meet the wide ranging needs of bluemedia. With Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon—powered by Windows 10 Pro—bluemedia has the mobility they need to be able to support any client project. The lightweight, powerful device, with its best-in-class connectivity and advanced security options, lets RJ and his team take on many different projects. Better yet? It does all that while enhancing his team’s productivity and communication.

When speaking about Lenovo tech, RJ said, “it makes us really adaptable. A lot of the technology that we come in contact with needs to be customized. That’s where the communication needs to come in to play. That’s truly when you become partners—taking full advantage of whatever technology piece that we implement.”

But, with mobile technology comes the inherent risk of accidentally damaging or dropping the device necessary for powering business. But, that’s yet another reason why bluemedia loves Lenovo products. MILSPEC tested, the X1 series is ready to stand up to the most rigorous of environments, tough spills, and tougher drops. And, while Lenovo devices are incredibly durable, they also have Small Business covered with extra protection that can ensure the integrity of the tech investment. Lenovo’s Accidental Damage Protection provides coverage for non-warranted damage, and this level of support allows bluemedia’s employees to work worry-free, knowing they have the safety net in place.

Powerful technology and the right tech partner, Lenovo, have been paramount for bluemedia’s growth and ability to deliver on revitalizing customer engagement for their clients. And, with the right technology on their side, bluemedia has the tools to continue to expand, adapt, and liven the world of marketing in the live event space.

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