All About Collaboration: Resources for Small Businesses

When it comes to collaboration, there are many methods that organizations leverage to work together.

Every industry, company, department and individual can have varying styles of connecting and getting tasks accomplished. Since the onset of the pandemic, many organizations have pivoted to a digital model to cope with public health safety, lockdowns, decreases in foot traffic and clients with ever-contracting budgets. But collaboration still had to happen to get work done!

If you are curious about how other businesses have been collaborating with the constant flux of changes in business and the world, this mini-series is for you! 

Checkout the resources below and keep an eye out for more helpful content!

Podcast: Lead the way with next-level collaboration

In today's podcast, Lenovo's Stephen Miller hosts Eddy Young - founder of Visual Feed - and Dexter Howard - Lenovo Small Business Product Specialist - to talk about collaboration and creativity. Everything from cross-office, instant messaging and phones to getting things done to, loving your job and what tools to use. This podcast is a good one! 

Webinar: New Styles of Collaboration

In this webinar, we are going to talk about the new styles of collaboration that have emerged from the necessity of keeping folks safe and productive during COVID-19 and beyond. We've learned a lot about business and getting things done in the last 14-18 months. Collaboration stopped being a buzz word and started to be something businesses could really focus on and turn into an advantage. Drop into the webinar

Infographic: What emerging tech collaboration trends are keeping small businesses in the game?

If you are still figuring out what works best for you and your business, no sweat - join the club. Explore some of the stats, tips, suggestions and observations in the infographic below to see how other small businesses are changing they way they work to best suit their individual business needs and wants. 

Whitepaper: A Reimagined Collaborative Small Business Workforce

Pursue the new by leveraging smart business strategies and technologies to bolster productivity and, in turn, facilitate teamwork as well as communication with customers. Dive into the whitepaper to read more