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    3. es
    4. Invoicing the Insurance Commission
    5. Please ensure invoices include the following details.

    Payee Details

    Company/Practice name.

    Payee billing address.


    Invoice Number.

    BSB, Account Number and Account Name.

    Email address – remittance advice will be sent via email (non-HICAPS payments).

    Client/Patient Details

    First and last name.

    Claim number (if known).

    Government Insurance - 2 characters / 4 to 5 digits e.g. XX/01234

    Motor Injury Insurance - 6 digits e.g. 123456

    Service Details

    Name of health professional/service provider.

    Multiple providers on an invoice should be identified and list each service clearly per provider.


    Time if more than one service was provided on the same day.

    Item Code.



    Service location (if different to the practice/clinic address).

    Fee for each service.

    Total cost.

    Services subject to GST must be submitted on a GST compliant invoice.

    Invoices should be submitted to

    Attachments must be PDF format;

    Attachments must be Invoices ONLY - no reports/correspondence/statements.

    Each claimant requires a separate invoice;

    Each invoice is to be a separate attachment;

    You can attach multiple invoices as separate attachments to one email; and

    Do not add content to the email, as it is a no reply mailbox.

    The Insurance Commission does not pay handling, administration or report typing fees.


    Insurance Commission of Western Australia

    GPO Box L920

    PERTH Western Australia 6845