Lenovo Pro Program Thoughts

This 2023, we're excited to take a look at the visual representation of the program and see if there could be room for improvement. 

We're eager to get your thoughts on how you feel. 

Do you have any thoughts on the visual identity of the Lenovo Pro program?

  • What do you wish we had?
  • What could you do without?
  • Beyond the visual program representation elements (name, color, symbols, etc.), do you have any other program wish list suggestions for us?

We want to hear! Leave your commentary below as we keep planning for a fresh, new year in the Lenovo Pro program! And thank you for sharing your voice with us. 

PS - Did the Lenovo Pro survey questions get you stumped? Get refreshed by visiting your account page or the benefits page to learn more about the tiers.

  • Thank you so much for voting everyone! Wink I appreciate your cooperation.