[ENDED] [COMPETITION] What's your favourite local Small Business, and why? WIN 2x Lenovo Smart Clocks.

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SHARE TO WIN: Give your favourite local (small) business a shout out on the community by telling us what you appreciate most about them in the comments below. 

What's in it for you?

We're selecting the best and most heartfelt response below to win TWO Lenovo Smart Clocks (with wireless charging pad)! That means you get to keep one for yourself and give one to a nearest & dearest; whether it be family, a close friend, or a colleague you've wanted to say thanks to!

Please share the following in your shoutout:

  • The business name
  • What you love and appreciate most about them
  • Website or social handles (for tagging on social)
  • Your own social handle (optional)

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  • The local business I'd like to note is the Acorn Nursery Oaks Cafe complex in Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills, Victoria.

    What we like about the Acorn Nursery Oaks Cafe complex is that it supplies high quality plants for your own garden - or as gifts - and enables you to enjoy high quality coffees and foods at indoor and outdoor tables with the flowers and trees surrounding you as you look west and north.

    This very pretty and continually changing (with the seasons) outlook puts you in a happy frame of mind even before the coffees or foods arrive.

    And inevitably, the staff in all areas are friendly, pleasant and quick and helpful, regardless of query or purchase.  Which means that the physical outlook is matched by the psychic outlook engendered by the people you interact with in the nursery and the cafe.

    Their website is:  https://acornnursery.com.au

    My social handle is  https://au.linkedin.com/in/philipderham/ or, at Twitter - www.twitter.com/betterresponses 

  • I spent most of my years in Sydney, and given that Australia is predominantly a country of immigrants, many have come here and started their small businesses. This may range from restaurants to services, but let's talk about food because I enjoy food.

    Sydney has had a considerable influx of immigrants, mainly from Asia, and many of them have come here to start restaurants. These restaurants tend to be small, but the business owners often want to showcase their background and culture, resulting in endless options for almost any Asian cuisine imaginable. Unlike many big chain restaurants, these businesses have traditionally relied on word of mouth to promote their business. But with Google Maps and the Local Guides program, I have found it especially great to share my knowledge about these local businesses, just another way to support these business owners and contribute to our economies.

    One of my favourite local restaurants here in Sydney is a Thai restaurant known as Baan Raun Thai. During the pandemic's peak, Baan Raun Thai has helped the community by donating food to people who are in need. This restaurant serves authentic Thai food, and I enjoy this restaurant, and I have taken a few out-of-town friends here when they tell me they want to eat.

    When they're not busy, the team comes by and talks to their customers and asks them how it is.

    I feel that small businesses are the backbone of our economy and are worthwhile to support.

    Business Name - Baan Raun Thai

    Website - baanraunthai.com.au/order-now

  • At the very outset I want to congratulate and thanks Lenovo for such a great initiative to give a shout out to the local businesses!

     As we all know it’s been really tough times for businesses for obvious reasons, and my shout out goes to Om the hard-working graduating student and the proud owner of Sunrise Plants in Tarneit, Om works from home selling indoor plants to support himself financially and at the same time he also gets some help from his dad who drives a courier van, helping his son with the logistics on the weekend!

     The father and son duo are so humble and easy to deal with, they always help us pick the right plants and make suggestions along the way. 

     Honestly for me, dad is the real hero as he works full time 5 days a week yet find time to help his son on the weekend, it’s easier said than done for a lot of us, as most of us look forward to the weekend to enjoy and relax but for him the grind never stops!

     So, for me they deserve the local love badge:)


    Social media - https://www.facebook.com/sunriseplantss/

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  • Hi Sylvia - thank you for the Love Local badge!  Happy to have participated.

  • Thank you for the Love Local badge, Sylvia 

  • Thanks for the update Sylvia we look forward to hear from you cheers!

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